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Tratamos do seu processo de nacionalidade portuguesa directamente em Portugal. É uma paixão estabelecer a ligação com as suas raízes.



Enjoy a hassle-free experience when obtaining your Portuguese nationality with the assistance of highly experienced Portuguese lawyers. 

The Portuguese Government approved the Decree-Law that regulates the Nationality Law. Learn more about the amendment. 

In-demand legal assistance offered to Portuguese citizens and Portuguese descendants.

As your fiscal representative, we will represent you before the Tax Authorities

Through this service you can quickly and professionaly handle all issues relating to the death of your loved ones.

While you are abroad, we ensure you are adequately represented in all areas, such as in homeowners' association meetings, mail pick-up and receipt, requests for utility services, activation or cancellation.

We offer a complete service, from obtaining documents in Portugal until the legalization of the same, with sworn translation and later send the documents to the client anywhere in the world.


The Connection You've Been Waiting For

Where we are



Rua João Machado, n.º 100, 8.º, sala 804

3000-226 Coimbra

+351 915 138 834


3 Main Street, Newark, New Jersey 07105

+1 862 234 9483

About Us


MLP Advogada is a full service law firm, based in Portugal, with an international focus and expertise in domestic and cross-border issues affecting the Portuguese international community.

With over a decade of experience, particularly with the Portuguese Diaspora, it became clear that the Portuguese communities abroad were in need of additional support when it came to the resolution of their legal needs in Portugal.

Having to navigate a country that quickly became foreign to them, it became commonplace for many to give up  and never see their legal issues handled, thus leaving these communities vulnerable and discouraged.


Recognizing the need of its clients to obtain affordable counseling in a distant jurisdiction, the geographical challenges, language barriers, differing time zones and other issues that leave fellow Portuguese communities unprotected, Portugal ReConnect was created.


Portugal ReConnect is a service that exclusively serves and handles all legal matters of the international Portuguese community, family members and their descendants in Portugal.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between our clients and Portugal by bringing tailored Portuguese legal services to them in their country; thus avoiding the travel time, high costs and challenges of navigating a legal system that has become foreign to them. An international presence affords clients the opportunity to handle their legal affairs where they are, in their preferred language, without the need to wait for their next trip to Portugal.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to empowering, serving and safeguarding the legal rights of all Portuguese community members.

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