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Do you need assistance with inheritance and probate matters? It is advisable to speak with a specialist who can guide you accordinagly.


Our services include:

  • Legal advice;

  • Obtaining a fiscal number for the undivided estate;

  • Preparing Stamp Duty statement;

  • Completing and submitting required filings (Modelo 1);

  • Obtaining necessary documets, scheduling and assistance with inheritance deeds (habilitação de herdeiros);

  • Recording property in the name of the estate;

  • Gathering all required records in preparation for the division of assets;

  • Division of the estate;

  • Municipal Property Transfer Tax (IMT - Imposto Municipal sobre as Transmissões Onerosas de Imóveis);

  • Recording property in the name of the new property owners with the Fiscal Authorities;

  • Recording all assets with the Property Registry Office that are subject to registration in the name of their new owners;

  • Representation by proxy.

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