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Under The Portuguese Nationality Law, the following may be entitled to acquisition of Portuguese nationality by naturalization:

- Foreigners who are of age or emancipated under Portuguese Law that have resided lawfully in Portuguese territory for a minimum of six years;

- Minors, born in Portuguese territory to foreign parents, provided that one of the parents has resided lawfully in Portugal for a minimum of five years;

- Minors, born in Portuguese territory, provided that the minor has concluded the first cycle of compulsory education in Portugal;

- Persons who had Portuguese nationality and who, having lost it, never acquired another nationality;

- Persons born in Portuguese territory, to foreign parents, if they have remained habitually in Portugal for ten years prior to the application;

- Persons who, while not stateless, have had Portuguese nationality, to persons who are considered to be Portuguese descendants, to members of communities of Portuguese ancestry and to foreigners who have rendered or are called to render relevant services to the Portuguese State or the national community;

- Descendants of Sephardic Portuguese Jews through the attestation of their links to Sephardic communities of Portuguese origin, namely, surnames, family’s spoken language and direct or indirect descent.


If any of the above criteria applies to you, you maybe entitled to Portuguese nationality by naturalization.

Complete the form below so that we may assess your particular situation and confirm whether you are entitled to Portuguese nationality.

Upon receipt of your form, our Client Manager will contact you within 2 business days to discuss your right to Portuguese nationality. 




Complete the form and our Client Manager will contact you to discuss your particular situation.

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